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USMC Monthly History:

1 October 1880: John Philip Sousa was named leader of the Marine Band.
1 October 1945: The 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment landed and occupied Chinwangtao, China.
1 October 1949: 5th Marines became part of 1stMarDiv under Col. Victor H. Krulak.
2 October 1918: Marines participated in the Battle of Blanc Mont in France.
2 October 1942: Major J. L. Smith shot down 18th Zero. Highest scoring ace to date.
2 October 1943: Australians retake Finschhafen in New Guinea.
3 October 1899: Marines had skirmish with Filipino "Insurrectos" at Luzon.
3 October 1912: Marines participated in the Battles of Coyo Tepe and Barranca Hills during the Nicaraguan Campaign.
3 October 1942: U. S. Marines occupy Funafuti in Ellice Islands.
4 October 1776: Marines participated in the USS Wasp's capture of a British ship off the coast of New England.
4 October 1906: Marines protected Americans during revolution in Cuba.
5 October 1775: Continental Marines first mentioned.
5 October 1912: Leon, Nicaragua, was captured by Marines after a short battle.
6 October 1858: Battle of Waya.
6 October 1924: Marines landed in Shanghai.
6 October 1945: Japanese forces in North China surrendered to III Amphibious Corps.
7 October 1846: Marines of the USS Savannah recaptured San Pedro, California, during the Mexican War.
8 October 1899: A force of 376 Marines captured the insurgent town of Novaleta, Philippines.
8 October 1950: 5th Air Force controlled the 1st Marine Air Wing in Korea.
9 October 1917: The 8th Marine Regiment was activated at Quantico.
10 October 1966: Operation "Kent," Vietnam. (concluded 15 October)
10 October 1968: The 1stMarDiv and 1st MAW were awarded the Presidential Unit Citation, Da Nang, Vietnam.
11 October 1951: HMR-161 in Korea transported 3/7 in the first battalion size combat helolift.
11 October 1951: Operation "Bumblebee" Northeast of Yanggu, Korea.
12 October 1917: The 1st Marine Aviation Squadron and 1st Marine Aeronautic Company formed at Philadelphia.
12 October 1966: Operation "Teton," RVN.
12 October: The "Real" Columbus Day
13 October 1942: Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, shelled by Japanese - 918 rounds.
13 October 1965: Marine Attack Squadron 211 was awarded the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Gallantry Cross for Vietnam service, 13 October 1965 - 13 July 1966.
14 October 1917: 1st Aeronautic Co. prepared for Azore duty at Cape May, New Jersey.
14 October 1950: MAG-12 began operations out of Wonsan Airfield in North Korea.
15 October 1940: Major General Commandant Thomas Holcomb issued orders to mobilize the Marine Reserve for WW II.
16 October 1820: LtCol Anthony Gale, 4th Commandant of the Marine Corps, was found guilty during a general court martial and was dismissed from the Marine Corps.
16 October 1957: Marine "Choppers" evacuated flood victims in Valencia, Spain.
17 October 1814: Marines and Sailors landed on Grand Terre Island, Louisiana, to punish pirates.
17 October 1820: LtCol Archibald Henderson became 5th Commandant of the Marine Corps.
18 October 1859: President James Buchanan ordered Marines to capture John Brown at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.
19 October 1800: Marines participated in a tribut to Dey of Algiers.
19 October 1966: Operation "Dover," Vietnam. (concluded 30 October)
20 October 1926: President Calvin Coolidge ordered Marines to guard the U. S. Mail.
21 October 1944: Marines of V Amphibious Corps landed at Leyte, Philippines, in support of the U.S. Army during WW II.
21 October 1944: Aachen, first city inside Germany, falls to U. S. troops.
21 October 1966: Operation "Madison," RVN.
22 October 1777: Continental Marines helped foil General William Howe's plans to capture Philadelphia.
22 October 1917: 5th & 6th Marines and 6th Machine Gun Battalion become part of the AEF.
23 October 1942: 4th Raider Battalion under Major James Roosevelt organized.
23 October 1944: U. S. Navy destroys remnants of Japanese Navy in Battle of Leyte Gulf. (concluded 26 October)
23 October 1983: 218 Marines were killed during the terrorist bombing in Beirut, Lebanon.
24 October 1915: The Marine Corps Recruit Depot was moved from Norfolk and established at Parris Island, South Carolina.
24 October 1947: 1st Jet Squadron in Corps was organized (VMF-122).
25 October 1966: Operation "Kern," Quang Nam, RVN.
25 October 1983: BLT 2/8 of the 22d MAU landed at Grenada at 0500 to rescue 800 college students on the eastern Caribbean island.
26 October 1898: Marine Barracks was established at Naval Station, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
26 October 1940: ParaMarines organize at Lakehurst, New Jersey.
27 October 1943: New Zealanders land in Treasury Islands.
27 October 1962: The 2ndMarDiv and 2d Marine Aircraft Wing deployed during the Cuban missile crisis.
27 October 1966: Women Marines serve in WestPac - first time west of Hawaii.
28 October: Royal Marines 334th Anniversary!
28 October 1943: The 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Parachute Regiment assualted Choiseul, Solomon Islands, in a diversionary landing.
29 October 1847: Marines help take a Mexican schooner in the Gulf of Mexico.
29 October 1942: During October and November, Major Joe Foss shot down 23 enemy aircraft. He was later credited with three more and received the Medal of Honor.
30 October 1944: 5th Marines sailed for home from Peleliu.
30 October 1952: Korean Presidential Unit Citation awarded the Marine Advisory Group with the Korean Marine Combat Team.
31 October 1876: 7th Commandant of the Marine Corps, BGen Jacob Zeilin, left office.
31 October 1955: Lewis B. "Chesy" Puller, who earned five Navy Crosses (and 1 Army Distinguished Service Cross), retired as a Lieutenant General.