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NameRankYears ServedMOSBoot CampDuty Stations, and or Deployments

Adler, Howard

Albright, Jack
Sergeant66-690311Parris Island

May 1967, Co.C Third MP Bn, DaNang RVN Vietnam,

CONUS Oct 1969  Discharged Nov 1969

Albright, Lois
Associate Member

Alexander, Don
Parris Island

Sea Duty 1965,1966, 1967 - Vietnam 1968

Allman, Lawrence
54-57Motor Pool, CID

Caldwell, Sonny

Chatham, Donald
Staff Sergeant
59-020341, 0331, 45BG-82D

Coleman, Matthew
Associate MemberN/A

Coleman, Michelle
Associate MemberN/A

Coolbaugh, Perry

Davidson. Thomas

DeBruhl, Tracey

Douthit, Keith

Douthit, Cindy

Edwards, Michael

Frederick, Arthur
Sergeant64-68H&S Co. Flames

Furman, Lenny
Private First Class
69-75Motor PoolParris Island
Gudger, TC "Butch"

Gudger, Cecille
Associate Member

Guidone, Anthony
Sergeant53-571533Parris Island
Hurst, Dewitt

Jefferson, T. J.

Laushance, Phaedra
Associate Member

Lawrence, Bob

Ledford, Ric
86-900844Parris Island

(2nd Mar Div, 2nd Bat. 10th Marines Camp Lejuene, NC)

Lehrack, Otto J.Lt. Colonel56-800302San Diego
Lewis, Ron

Markert, Melody
Associate Member

Matano, Anthony
Associate Member

Meadows, Lawrence

Parker, Bradley
Lance Corporal
80-830311Parris Island
Parker, Deanna
Associate Member

Piambo, Andrew
Sergeant90-000151, 7251Parris Island
Piel, Steven
Master Sergeant Ret.
90-123051, 8511

Phillips, Jo
Associate Member

Raider, Don

Ray, Eugene
Corporal53-560311San Diego

Ray, Cynthia
Associate Member

Reynolds, Randy
Lance Corporal (Ret. Medically)78-790311Parris Island(Marine Barracks Naval Weapons Stations (PomPlant), Goose Creek North Charleston SC),(2nd Mar Div, 1st Bat, 2nd Marines, Camp Lejeune NC)
Rice, Tristin (TJ)
Sergeant07-Present (Reserves)0331Parris Island
Rice, Jessica
Associate Member

Simonds, Charles

Smith, Fred
Master Gunnery Sergeant Ret.
52-780311, 1349Parris Island
Smith, Roy
Associate Member

Stransky, Kalyca
Associate Member

Swartz, Philip
Sergeant71-756785 Aerial Navigator
Parris Island
Thornton, Larry
HM-266-70Navy Corpsmen

Warren, Jesse
First Sergeant Ret.77-020331, 9999

Watts, Pete
Master Sergeant Ret.
56-803531, 3041Parris Island
Watts, Betsy
Associate Member

Werhan, Gerald